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Coordinate Measuring Machines

A global standard 3D coordinate measuring machine featuring high accuracy, high speed and high environmental resistance and supporting a variety of probe systems

เครื่องวัดขนาดชิ้นงานแบบ 3 มิติ มาตรฐานระดับโลก ที่มีความแม่นยำสูง ความเร็วสูง และทนต่อสภาวะแวดล้อมสูง และรองรับ Probe ที่หลากหลาย




Class highest level accuracy

Maximum permissible length measurement errorE0, MPE:1.8 + 3L/1000 μm*A newly developed highly rigid bridge delivers the highest level accuracy in class* Temperature condition:18 ~ 22℃

Stunning speed realized by a newly developed driving mechanism

Drive speed 700 mm/sec max.

Acceleration 2300 mm/sec2 max.

The driver of each axis uses a newly developed driving mechanism to enable high-speed and stable drive.

A change from the former belt-driven method to the newly developed drive system dramatically improves maneuverability.

This newly developed driving mechanism increases the drive speed by 64% and acceleration by 35% (compared to our previous models).

The new mechanism reduces the total time required for measurement, significantly increasing the measurement efficiency.

Enhanced resistance to environment

Temperature range for guarantee accuracy:15 to 30°C*1

A newly designed cover is used that prevents the X-axis guide and Y-axis carriage from being affected directly by temperature changes.

Furthermore, by adopting a structure designed to suppress the deformation of the stone worktable due to temperature changes, XYZAX AXCEL minimizes the impact of temperature changes. It supports a substantially wider accuracy guarantee temperature range of 15 - 30°C*1 while maintaining high accuracy.

This temperature range for guarantee accuracy helps you save the cost for temperature control in the measuring room.

*1 RDS type standard. PH type is optional.

Equipped with 2-axis rotating head RDS and scanning probe VAST XXT

2-axis rotating head RDS rotates ±180 ゚ horizontally or vertically at a pitch of 5.0゚, enabling 5,184 positioning patterns at maximum. By combining with scanning probe VAST XXT, XYZAX AXCEL RDS can perform high accuracy oscillating scanning measurement at many different angles. Non-contact type line laser sensor LineScan 2 is also available (optional). It is useful when you want to shorten lead time of profile by surface measurement or conduct reverse engineering by obtaining mass point group data.




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