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SV-30 Series

Vertical Honing Machine

The SV-30 Series is the next generation of the legendary Cylinder King® line of honing machines known worldwide. The SV-30 series machines offer a wide variety of features and flexibility in an affordable package ideal for contract machine shops, automotive performance and rebuilding shops, and mid-volume industrial production facilities.



Vertical Honing Center : SV-30

  • Spindle Speed: 50 - 600 RPM

  • Spindle Power: 4.1 kW (5.5 hp) - induction spindle models

  • Spindle Power: 4.5 kW (6 hp) - servo spindle models

  • Stroker: 2.5 kW servo  (3.4 hp)

  • Variable speed: 5-100 SPM

  • Stroke Length: up to 705 mm (27.75 in)

  • Servo X Axis models: .5 kW (.67 hp)

  • Carriage Travel: 813 mm (32 in.) left/right travel available (X axis)

  • Maximum Workpiece and Fixture Weight: 600 kg (1325 lbs)

  • Workpiece Envelope: 1219 mm W x  760 mm D (48 in x 30 in)

  • Machine Dry Weight: 1329 kg (2930 lbs.)

  • Machine Shipping Weight: 1823 kg. (4020 lbs)

  • Variable speed 50-600 rpm,  4.5 kW (6 hp) servo or 4.1 kW (5.5hp) induction spindle motors are powerful enough to drive two-stage, metal-bond, diamond and CBN abrasives for short cycle times with high accuracy and minimal labor

  • The front loading design and weight capacity of up to 600 kg (1325 lbs), including fixture, combine for versatility in honing a wide range of parts

  • PC-controlled with a large 378 mm (15 in) color touch screen that is rugged and eliminates cumbersome buttons that collect oil, dirt and grime. The swiveling operator panel can be adjusted for viewing from a variety of positions

  • Servo or manual driven X-axis allows left/right positioning of the column with 813 mm (32 in) range

  • Servo rotary tool feed system can be used with two-stage hone heads to complete roughing and finishing without stone changes for faster processing times, rough to finish changeover is four times faster than previous models

  • Standard 206 liter (55 gallon) internal coolant system is equipped with two canister filters on the side of the machine, for ease of maintenance and provides increased coolant filtration for precise surface finish, includes filter status indicator

  • Proven 2.5 kW  (3.4 hp) servo ball screw stroking system allows for increased flexibility and performance

  • Heavy-duty welded base for durability

  • Standard LED work area lighting

  • Standard state-of-the-art CE compliant safety features include interlocked stainless steel sliding front panel, side and rear panels, front mounted light curtain, safety PLC, and safe limited setup speeds

  • MT Connect and Industry 4.0 capable

  • Standard PC uninterruptible power supply (UPS) eliminates unsafe shutdown of control system and ensures a safe start-up


There are six new standard SV-30 models with varying options assuring the right fit for virtually any mid-volume production industrial or automotive applications.  Depending on the model, the SV-30 series includes such features as:

  • New step and repeat functionality provides automatic bore-to-bore operation with servo X-axis and new GH LF  series tooling.

  • Tool protection at both top and bottom of the bore.

  • Rugged cast iron column.

  • Proven servo ball screw stroking mechanism.

  • User-friendly Windows PC control with a large 378 mm (15”) color touchscreen.

  • CE compliant safety system standard on all models.

  • Backed by Sunnen’s  best in the industry 3-year parts and labor warranty and our extensive global field service support team.

All models feature Siemens and Phoenix industrial controls with software developed by Sunnen engineers who are experts in honing applications. For applications not requiring a high level of automation there are models offered with value-priced features such as an induction spindle and manual column movement.


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